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Face to face training works!
& here's why?

Here at Lashes 888 Studio Ltd, we train a maximum of 2 trainees face-to-face per session.  The key benefit is that you get the opportunity to really engage with your Course trainer, ask questions, interact & be see demonstrations of the Lash application process & learn the artistry of Classic lashes in our beginners course, 3 style Volume lashes in our advanced course or all 4 lash styles face-to-face in our specialised 1 day combined course bundle.  Online training alone on the other hand cannot offer these benefits.

On arrival, you will be welcomed, made feel comfortable in your surroundings.  Your Course trainer will introduce herself and you will be introduced to the other trainee, in a friendly, relaxing & sociable environment, where questions are welcomed & lash style demonstrations can be shown to you as often as you request.

We discuss the key learning outcomes of the course and your expectations & it is our aim to meet these.

Your deluxe training kit will be available to you on the day, along with your training guides.  Your Course trainer will introduce you to the different items in your kit, the tools, the different types of lashes and tel you tips & tricks from her years of experience in Lash Extensions.

We realise that not all trainees learn at the same pace, therefore, we are trained to recognise this and offer a variety of training styles to help you, practical hands on training, reading guides, questions and answers, video tutorials and much more.  We can even offer you another session if we feel you would benefit from a little extra training, at no extra cost!

At the end of the session, you will be required to do a home Assessment that includes before and after pictures of a fresh set of lashes, plus before and after pictures of a lash infill.  You can work on your Assessment at home, at your own pace and your Course trainer will be available to support you after training.

If you need help getting more clients, we can give you access to jobs by applying to join our pro team here or just helpful advice on how to get your first set of clients.

Online training alone have very poor success rates, studies have shown.  Our pass rates are 100%.

For more benefits of face-to-face training, combined with the at-home Assessment, click here to read the blog article, written by Emma (Director & Lash Trainer & Educator).

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