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How it works | Terms and Conditions

Lashes 888 Studio Ltd, invites you to join our Pro team, free for the 1st 60 days.  After which, it costs just £2.99 per month. 

Beauty 888 Studio is for  Trained Beauty Professionals, connecting you to new clients, increasing your service bookings, and providing access to  Fully Accredited Beauty Courses to further your career, at discounted rates.

Beauty 888 Studio is also for Untrained Newbies, to access Fully Accredited Beauty Courses to further your career, at discounted rates, along with help, advice & mentoring from trained Beauty Professionals.

We also work with Small business / Salon owners, connecting you to new clients, increasing your  bookings, access to Fully Accredited Beauty Courses for you and your staff, while also, connecting you to fully qualified & trained Beauty Professionals that meet your recruitment criteria.

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It's FREE to Join for 60 days

Apply now & get the 1st 60 days  FREE  (after which it's just £2.99) per month, with a 12-month minimum membership (no contracts).  You also get 60 days free for every year your membership lasts. This means that you can cancel your membership of our Pro Team anytime after signing up, by emailing us at using the cancellations template below:

" Hi Emma, I'd like to cancel my pro team membership with immediate effect.  I'm aware that the £29.99 fee is non-refundable and lasts 12 months.  I would like you to cancel my membership on this date [insert date], before the 2nd payment of £29.99 is processed.  Many thanks, [insert name] "


[insert name] membership cancellation

BILLING INFORMATION.  If your application is successful, you will be sent the 'subscribe link'.  When you hit the 'subscribe button'  and follow the steps involved, you will immediately be billed £29.99.  This will cover your 1st 12 months of membership.  This fee is non-refundable.  After which, you will be billed £19.99 on the same date each year, unless you cancel your membership using the template above.

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Benefits to you & getting paid

If you have a service or course to sell & your own premises, we will set everything up for you on our website and you will receive an email when you get a booking.  To avoid double bookings, you will have access to an app to block out days. times when you are not available. 

You will be able to add your own booking/refunds/cancellations policy to your service or course. Services will be subject to a small commission, while courses will be subject to a slightly higher commission. We will agree on the commission rate with you in advance by emailing us at, as service & course commissions will vary.

If you do not have your own premises, you may be able to work in our Studio, based at 98 Lisburn Road, Belfast.  You can use our premises for free and you will also be fully covered under our insurance.

You will get reduced rates on selected services & courses on our website.

Salon owners looking to train an individual or group, will get reduced rates on selected courses.

Salon owners looking to find qualified & trained Beauty Professionals will be emailed selected candidates that meet your recruitment criteria. 

The customer will pay a booking fee (agreed in advance with you) and you will be paid the money owed to you directly from the customer.  You decide how and when payment will be due from the customer. 

Example 1.  A customer books your  Nail or Lash Extensions service on our website & pays a £9 deposit, you will receive the remaining balance on the day of the appointment, plus any fees owed.

Example 2.  A customer books your  Microneedling or Skin Care Course on our website &  pays a £20 deposit, you will receive the remaining balance as per your own terms. e.g. 48 hours in advance of the course start date by bank transfer, plus any fees owed.


If your business, services, or courses need a boost to increase sales, we can offer you a tailored package of online services, all geared around a strategic marketing plan to boost sales & enhance your business exposure including digital marketing, online advertising, social media marketing, google advertising & email marketing.  These additional services are optional  & may incur further charges.

Please email us at if your business needs a boost today!

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